A project-based organisation

We run parallel projects related to our common vision and goal, as summarised in the Independent Peer Review Manifesto. Each member decides in which projects to contribute and in what way.

We are always open to ideas for new projects and collective actions that can help shape the future of academia.

If you wish to contribute to existing, or suggest new projects, please get in touch by sending us an email or through our contact form.

In collaboration with the Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology and the repository of the Spanish National Research Council, we offer a novel model of sustainable Diamond Open Access and advanced Repository-as-a-Publisher services. Read more

We participate in the Notify project, led by COAR and funded by the Arcadia Foundation, to develop a standard, interoperable, and decentralised approach to linking research outputs hosted in the distributed network of repositories with resources from external services such as overlay-journals and open peer review services. Read More

We collaborated with COAR to identify common behaviours, protocols and technologies that will enable new and improved functionalities for repository systems. Read More

We developed a module that can be installed on all DSpace repositories to enable overlay open peer review. Read more

We propose an innovative research evaluation model, which challenges the assumption that formal peer review can only be arranged and handled by journal editors. Read and sign the manifesto

We developed a prototype repository with overlay services, to demonstrate how scholarly communication can live and prosper without commercial publishers. Read more